About Us

Elite Physique is a Christian based workout apparel company that has a passion for helping underprivileged children around the world, along with helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught us that we are to be good stewards of our resources, and one of our greatest resources is our bodies. Whether you are new to fitness, a weekend warrior, or an established competitive athlete, Elite Physique represents all of the dedication, persistence and hard work that people have to go through to keep their bodies in shape. While our bodies are just one part of our total self, it has been proven that taking care of the body has a positive impact on our whole being.   


Hand of Hope!

  Elite Physique is also dedicated to giving back to the community that it serves. Our desire to help underprivileged children, along with our desire to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, has led us to team up with "Hand Of Hope" from Joyce Meyer Ministries. This outstanding charity carries out the teachings of Jesus Christ by not only providing food to needy children, but also investing in the children's future through education and housing in 39 separate homes around the world. These homes give children a chance at life. With every purchase made online Elite Physique will donate a percentage of the sales to Hand Of Hope!   

Thank you for your purchases and ongoing support!


Elite Physique